How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation

Published: 10th April 2010
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Since the emergence and rapid growth of consumer electronic products (cell phones, computers, etc.), our exposure to electropollution (commonly also referred to EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) has increased dramatically. The threat of electropollution has received extensive coverage in studies, research articles and editorials from prominent media outlets around the world. Yet around the world governing bodies have been cautious in their warnings and restrictions in relation to the use of mobile phones. What are they not telling us?

Research has found that, after being exposed to electromagnetic fields, cells showed a significant increase in DNA damage which could not always be repaired by the cell. In fact, the frequency of the electromagnetic waves can immitate the frequency of hormones and other chemical messengers found within our bodies. These foreign frequencies can confuse our neural system and reak all havoc with our biofield. Our biofield is the field of energy surrounding the human body which controls our body's energetic system and allows us to deal with everyday stresses. Our biofield is linked to our immune system, and the body's ability to release toxins from its cells, organs and tissues. Just imagine what continuous EMF exposure can do to the developing brain and immune system of a child, or the hormonal system of a teenager.

A few of the more serious threats that scientists have identified in relation to cellphone use include a variety of cancers, brain tumors, and Alzheimers. More common health risks like headaches, fatigue, increased blood pressure and sleep deprivation have also been cited. Scientists have discovered that a cell phone call lasting just two minutes can alter the normal electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards. And they also found that radio waves from mobile phones penetrate deep into the brain and not just around the ear. Even when bluetooth devices are used to keep the cell phone away from the ear, the radiation is magnified because the device serves as an antenna to receive all electromagnetic waves in proximity to the user.

The truth is, nobody can say with certainty what long term health consequences can be caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Most studies and doctors' reports recommend limiting our exposure to these foreign frequencies. However, this is not always practical, depending on your occupation and where you live. The good news is there is a Canadian company which specializes in manufacturing radiation protection products.

If limiting our exposure is not possible, then here are some ways to protect yourself:

1.Use chips on your cell phones, computers, household electronics and wireless devices which eliminate ELFR (extremely low frequency radiation).

2.Wear a pendant which will protect you from electromagnetic fields caused by cell phone towers, wi-fi networks, and hydro towers.

3.Do not buy a house next to a hydro field, hydro transfer station, or satellite tower.

4.Do not use an electric blanket.

5.Do not sleep with any electronics (such as a clock radio) near the head of your bed.

6.Do not use a tanning bed.

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